About Us

about us

Global Vision Trust Fund is an indigenous non-governmental organization with a global perspective and approach, working together with partners and local communities among the missionaries, poor, widows, orphans, youths, and other disadvantaged people groups.

GVTF is determined and committed to transforming the world by mobilizing resources, and people against poverty and its vices, and towards viable home-grown solutions for improved global sustainable living.

We work at finding practical, innovative methods for people and communities to lift themselves out of their difficult social and economic realities, and flourish. GVTF, within its operational bases, gives hope, renews courage and provide opportunities for self-reliance. We are also amplifying the voices of victims of injustice behind the prison walls, and those in poor communities so that their voices influence both local and international decisions that affect them.

At Global Vision Trust Fund, employing faith as a fulcrum for societal change and development, we initiate intervention programs that stimulate growth in these communities.

Since its commencement of full operation in mid-2018, GVTF has vigorously committed itself to joining the global community in its quest to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, with focus on goals 1, 2 and 4 – No Poverty, Zero Hunger and Quality Education.


We strive to be a foremost dynamic resource platform, transforming society and making impacts for the glory of God..


Our mission at Global Vision Trust Fund is to facilitate sustainable funding for the Great Commission through partnership, mobilization, management and deployment of resources.


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