Our Services

Go ye Project

GVTF takes part in the strategic efforts to reach every tongue, tribe and nation with the good news of Jesus. We do this through mobilizing prayers, financial and material resources to aid the work and life of the individual missionary.

Global Vision Trust Fund also rallies and deploys resources to improve lives of people within the communities hosting the missionaries.

Beauty for Ashes Projects

When disasters strike, and conflicts break out, they always leave in their trails helpless children orphaned, broken women widowed, injured victims, and families strewn abroad without shelters, and belongings up in smoke.

We always make efforts, whether direct or in partnership, to bring joy to these hearts, and beauty in place of ashes by providing them food, clean water and shelters.

At GVTF, we do not only give fish, we also teach to fish by providing young widows with necessary skills for self-reliability and economic independence, and creating enabling environments for orphaned children to thrive, hope and live.

The Mercy Project

There are countless of people in the hospitals and prison yards, world over, unable to get their desired life because of lack of a token sum.

From the woman needing just ₦10,000 ($30) to get access to healthcare service, to a young man held behind bars to secure bail, there are great numbers whose lives would take a different turn with just a token act of compassion.

GVTF is dedicated to providing intervention acts of mercy to those in critical situations.
At GVTF, through our token acts of compassion, we are helping children, women and men live the life they desire.

The Future Project:

We are focused on making a far-reaching impact on young people by helping them succeed in these three areas: heads (minds), hearts (faith) and hands (skills).

Together with partners, we are investing and harnessing resources towards developing holistic leadership capacity among youths.

Whether it is governance, growing a business or getting a job, every youth deserves the opportunity to actualize his or her dream. Our initiatives at Global Vision Trust Fund are tied to the belief of youths as change agents, problem-solvers, innovators, and leaders.

Feed the Hungry Project

In the words of Jesus “…the poor you will always have,” our goal is to pursue mass feeding of the hungry in locations where we can afford, and attempt to put food on the table of the starving peoples of the earth.

To end starvation, stop people going hungry and cushion the effects of malnutrition, GVTF works at securing food supplies so that starving people have food on their table.
It is estimated that almost a billion of us go to bed hungry every night.

Our goal is to ensure no child or woman goes to bed hungry.

These we do by providing nutritious meals to starving children, women and men living in ravaged communities, isolated from government’s intervention, extremely poor, and within crisis-affected communities.

News Update

Bliss in the Unlikely Places

According to WHO (2017), one in ten women above the age of 14 is widowed.

This figure may appear small, but in context, that’s well over 5million women in Nigeria (according to 2018 population data collected by WHO).

GVTF’s Beauty for Ashes Project pays close attention to the needs and welfare of widows and orphans (and vulnerable children).

Using the channels of our needs-tailored events such as International Widows’ Day, Visit to Orphanage Home and Easter with Widows, we have catered to the needs of over 60 widows, and 1 Orphanage Home (17 orphans).

60 widows went home with half bag of rice alongside a token each during the International Widows’ Day celebration on the 23rd of June 2019. This event took place at Gui village, off Airport Road, Abuja, among the identified 60 widows at the event.

Easter season holds with it lots of joy for the people. During this period GVTF, in partnership with Christ Bethel Orphanage Home, organized a get-together program for select widows (35) from Gui village.

Receiving gifts of new clothing materials (Ankara), the faces of these 35 widows were lit with joy – such rare expressions.

In a world like ours today, what more could an orphan seek than a caring arm wrapped in warm embrace around her cold life? The visit to Christ Bethel Orphanage Home left within us the reality of children without parents.

Moved by these kids’ reality, GVTF staff team donated gifts to the orphanage home to make life more enjoyable for them.

Gifts such as:

  • Generator
  • TV Set
  • 1 bag of rice
  • 3 cartons of Indomie Noodles
  • and Toiletries, were donated to the home.

  • Joy is not a commodity commonly found among widows, and Orphans and vulnerable children, but our intervention changed this rather strange norm. Joy in their hearts was bliss in the unlikely places.